Fibermass® Ceramic Fiber Blocks

Fibermass® Ceramic Fiber Blocks combine advancements in fiber chemistry and manufacturing technology to provide an economical lining material for a wide range of heat processing equipment.

The Fibermass manufacturing technique bonds layers of refractory ceramic fiber blanket into a strong, pliable fiber block. Spun ceramic fiber blankets which feature high tensile strength for improved resistance to mechanical abuse, vibration and gas velocity are used in the construction of Fibermass blocks. A proprietary fiber treatment decreases fiber dusting and irritation while increasing block flexibility, making the block easy to compress into place. Blocks are available in two temperature grades based on construction from Durablanket® HP-S or Durablanket 2600.

Fibermass ceramic fiber blocks offer many of the same advantages as other Anchor-Loc® or Fiberwall® furnace linings when compared to refractory construction. They are:

  • Faster temperature cycling
  • Lower heat storage
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower installation cost
  • Easier repairs
  • Resistance to thermal shock


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Fibermass® Ceramic Fiber Blocks

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