Fiberwall® Ceramic Bearing Ring

Intended for use with Fiberwall® lining systems, Fiberwall hardware is available in a variety of metal alloy grades as well as in various ceramic compositions. This family of hardware components has been developed to provide optimal service life for an assortment of Fiberwall lining systems including layered blanket and board linings, stackbond linings, Hefty-Loc bonded modular systems and L.O.R. (lining over refractory) linings.

The Fiberwall® Ceramic Bearing Ring is used in higher temperature layered lining applications, particularly on roofs, where added bearing support may be required. The bearing ring is used in conjunction with a cuplock, or ceramic washer. The maximum recommended operating temperature should be limited to 1343°C (2450°F).


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Fiberwall® Ceramic Bearing Ring

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