Fiberwall® Ceramic Whistle Stud Assembly

Intended for use with Fiberwall® lining systems, Fiberwall hardware is available in a variety of metal alloy grades as well as in various ceramic compositions. This family of hardware components has been developed to provide optimal service life for an assortment of Fiberwall lining systems including layered blanket and board linings, stackbond linings, Hefty-Loc bonded modular systems and L.O.R. (lining over refractory) linings.

The Fiberwall® Ceramic Whistle Stud assembly is comprised of three distinct components:

  • The adjustable whistle (or base)
  • The high-alumina spike
  • The ceramic washer

The adjustable whistle base is a two-component, adjustable length system consisting of a whistle base (with retaining pin) and a 1/4” -20 NC x 1-1/4” long arc welded stud. After the stud is arc stud welded to the casing plate, the whistle base is screwed onto the stud. This feature provides up to 1/2” adjustment of the overall assembly length.

The second component of the ceramic whistle stud assembly is the high-alumina ceramic spike which is available in seven standard lengths.

The third component, the ceramic washer, is available in two ceramic compositions: high-alumina and mullite. Like the spike, the high-alumina washer’s recommended operating temperature extends to 1510°C (2750°F). The mullite ceramic washer’s minimum recommended operating temperature, while only 1343°C (2450°F), affords excellent resistance to thermal shock.


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Fiberwall® Ceramic Whistle Stud Assembly

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