FlexCat High Performance Specialty Catalyst Support Media



FlexCat is a revolutionary high-surface-area, fiberbased, flexible catalyst support media designed to provide enhanced catalyst effectiveness while increasing yields, purity and cost savings. FlexCat fiber provides a catalyst support with an enhanced geometric surface compared to traditional supports in which catalysts, including precious group metals, directly adhere to the media. FlexCat is a robust fiber material with a defined crystallinity, porous surface area and microstructure that can withstand harsh environments, including temperature ranges up to 1000°C, without damage or loss of adhered catalyst.

FlexCat provides the following features and improvements of conventional catalyst supports:

• Defined porous surface microstructure for catalyst loading
• Direct loading of catalyst on to the fiber – zeolite coatings or pre-treatment not required
• High geometric surface area, enhanced tortuosity
• Reduction in catalyst load
• Reduced reactor footprints
• Stable in aggressive atmospheres >1000°C

FlexCat product and supports are Custom-designed to your specific catalytic application and can be delivered at commercial scale based on customer needs.


Safety Data Sheets

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