Foamfrax® RG (Refractory Grade) Insulation

Foamfrax® RG Insulation is a combination of refractory ceramic fiber, refractory cement, and a high-temperature binder solution combined in the field using the proprietary Foamfrax process. The resultant product form is a high-density, ceramic fiber based material engineered for refractory backup lining applications. Foamfrax RG can be easily gunned around a variety of refractory anchor systems and air sets within 8-16 hours. Traditional refractory materials (castables, plastic and brick) may be installed over Foamfrax RG once the product air sets.

In addition, the compression strength, thermal stability, and insulating properties of Foamfrax RG extends the application of this product to full thickness linings.

Typical applications:

  • Backup behind brick, plastic, refractory, and castable
  • Annealing furnace bases
  • Duct, flue, and stack linings
  • Heat treat furnace, kiln car decks
  • Incinerator floors, process heaters
  • Ground flares

Foamfrax RG Insulation may be applied in ducts, stacks and furnace hearths, in units operating at temperatures below 982°C (1800°F). Foamfrax RG Plus Insulation can be used for higher temperature applications up to 1260°C (2300°F).


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Foamfrax® RG (Refractory Grade) Insulation

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