FyreWrap® Cable Insulation

FyreWrap® Cable Insulation is a thin, flexible, insulation wrap designed to provide a fire-protective enclosure around cable trays and conduit. The FyreWrap system ensures electrical circuit integrity during exposure to an external hydrocarbon fire, permitting continued operation or controlled shutdown of critical equipment during emergency conditions. This system is FM Global Approved and meets ASTM E-1725 “Fire Tests of Fire-Resistive Barrier Systems for Electrical System Components,” the newest industry standard, requiring the highest level of performance for trays with zero to full cable loading. The system also meets ASTM E-1529 and provides circuit integrity ratings. FyreWrap complies with many industry specifications on fireproofing for petroleum and petrochemical processing plants.

Typical System Properties:

  • FM Global Approved – Wrap for Grouped Electrical Cables
  • Fire Ratings – 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes (contact Unifrax for details)
  • Fire Exposure – Hydrocarbon Fire per ASTM E-1529
  • Circuit Integrity – per ASTM E-1529
  • Temperature Integrity – per ASTM E-1725
  • Cable Loading – Empty to Fully Loaded Trays
  • ASTM E-84 Surface Burning Characteristics:
    • Unfaced Core: Flame/Smoke Rating = Zero
    • FyreWrap: Flame/Smoke Rating < 25/50

FyreWrap Cable Insulation products incorporate Insulfrax® Thermal Insulation as its core material. Insulfrax is a high-temperature insulation made from calcia, magnesia, silica chemistry designed to enhance biosolubility. It provides excellent insulation in a noncombustible blanket form.

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FyreWrap® Cable Insulation

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