FyreWrap® E‑Mat Endothermic Mat

FyreWrap® E-Mat endothermic mat is a high-temperature insulation wrap that provides protection from fire by releasing chemically bound water to significantly limit heat transfer through the material. E-Mat has low organic content resulting in a low loss on ignition (LOI) value, low smoke generation and limited flame propagation. It is thin and flexible, providing space savings and ease of installation on complex shapes or small diameter items.

FyreWrap E-Mat’s unique combination of endothermic properties and high temperature stability are specifically designed to withstand high heat, severe fire exposure conditions and limit fire penetration, and heat transfer through the material. Thin, lightweight systems combined with a flexible product form result in valuable space savings, low installation costs and solutions for complex job site conditions.

FyreWrap E-Mat provides the following product features:
• Endothermic
• Significantly inhibits heat transfer
• Keeps mat surface cool
• Thin and very flexible
• Easy to bend around corners or small diameter items
• Manufactured in the USA
• No special health hazard labeling

FyreWrap E-Mat can be utilized as a uniform covering, protective enclosure or component in a variety of passive fire protection applications in commercial buildings, industrial facilities and transportation applications.
Typical applications include:
• Metallic Piping
• Membrane and Through-penetrations
• Cable, Cable Tray and Conduit Enclosures
• Structural Steel Protection

Manufactured in USA


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FyreWrap® E‑Mat Endothermic Mat

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