FyreWrap® LiB Films & Coatings

FyreWrap LiB (Lithium-ion Battery) Coatings from Unifrax are a family of high-temperature, lightweight flame barrier and electrically insulating materials designed to increase safety in lithium-ion battery packs. FyreWrap LiB coatings utilize the same core technologies as the FyreWrap LiB Films. The coatings are easily applied at room temperature in atmospheric conditions.


  • Fire resistant, flame barrier
  • Electrically insulating
  • Proprietary fire blocking technology protects structures and substrates
  • Uniform lightweight flexible sheets
  • Easy to wrap, shape or cut
  • Fully heat-sealable with ultrasonic or thermal sealing equipment


  • Thermal runaway propagation prevention
  • Short circuit prevention and electrical protection
  • Cascading fire prevention
  • Thermal isolation and containment


  • Cells (external to cell)
  • Battery modules
  • Battery packs
  • Packaging for transportation

To learn more about FyreWrap LiB Performance Materials or to discuss your application, please contact us at: +1.716.768.6305.

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