FyreWrap® LT Marine Blanket

FyreWrap® LT Marine Blanket provides structural insulation for a variety of fire-resistant solutions for marine and offshore applications, to provide passive fire protection in all types of vessel, craft and on oil platforms.. It is specifically designed to withstand the severe conditions of a hydrocarbon fuel fire, and limits fire penetration and heat transfer through the structural division. Thin, lightweight systems combined with a flexible product form result in lower installation costs and system weight savings.

FyreWrap LT Marine Blanket can be utilized to insulate structural bulkheads and decks on military marine surface vessels. Typical applications include:

  • Mission Bay
  • Galley
  • Cargo Areas
  • Fire Zone Divisions

The Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) chemistry is designed to enhance the material’s biosolubility and meets the European regulatory requirement (Directive 97/69/EC). The proprietary fiber spinning technology utilized in the manufacture of FyreWrap LT Marine Blanket results in a material with high tensile strength, superior thermal and acoustical properties and optimized insulation performance. Mechanical needling of the fibers eliminates the need for binders in the product so the product does not smoke or flame under fire conditions.

FyreWrap LT Marine Blanket is also chemically stable, and its thermal properties are unaffected after limited exposure to water and subsequent drying.

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