FyreWrap® XFP® Expanding Paper

FyreWrap® XFP® Expanding Paper is a flexible, lightweight, high-temperature intumescent mat that expands up to three times its thickness when exposed to temperatures above 325°C (620°F). In the event of a fire, the UL Recognized Component material is designed to expand and fill cracks and voids to prevent the spread of flames, heat, and smoke. Manufactured from high-temperature refractory ceramic fibers, XFP effectively withstands temperatures to 1260°C (2300°F) .

With the optional addition of an integral radiant foil barrier, the composite material provides, high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, expansion fills potential heat fire paths, thermal reflectivity, superior flexural integrity, effective moisture barrier.

Typical applications:

  • Expansion joint fire barriers
  • Construction corner guards
  • Cable tray fire protection
  • Fire Dampers/Ceiling Diffusers
  • High-temperature gasketing and packing
  • Industrial furnace expansion joints
  • Fire-rated doors and window seals

FyreWrap XFP possesses excellent handling properties and effectively resists flexural damage and compression deformation in service. During installation, it is easy to cut and fabricate.


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FyreWrap® XFP® Expanding Paper

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