Glass Pellets

Unifrax produces Glass Pellets as a raw material for many industrial applications. Glass Pellets are small, solid, pillow-shaped pieces of glass with specific chemistries that are used as a semi-finished input for further processing. Raw materials are selected based on purity and composition, and carefully batched to give homogeneous glass of the intended composition. Gas heated furnaces transform the prepared batch materials into glass from which pellets are mechanically formed.

Unifrax Glass Pellets have the following characteristics:

  • Solid, transparent, pillow-shaped pellets
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 7 mm (+/- 2mm)
  • Standard glass chemistries: A, B, C & CHB
  • Customer specific glass chemistries available upon request
  • Consistent chemical and physical properties
  • Low melt temperature compositions to reduce energy consumption

Typical applications:

  • Sliver and roving materials
  • High loft glass filter mat
  • HVAC furnace filters
  • Raw material input for flame attenuation glass microfiber


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Glass Pellets

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