Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 1100C Module

Insulfrax® Anchor-Loc® 1100C Modules are a family of high-temperature module products based on Unifrax’s Anchor-Loc® attachment systems. Modules used in the Anchor-Loc® systems are constructed with Insulfrax LTX Blanket. Each type of Insulfrax 1100C Module can be easily fastened to interior steel shells of all types of heat processing equipment with several different attachment systems.

Typical Applications:

  • Annealing furnace linings
  • Slow cool covers for slabs and ingots
  • Process heater linings
  • Aluminum homogenizing furnace linings
  • Aluminum ladle covers
  • Personnel heat shields
  • Heat treating furnace linings
  • Flue stack and duct linings
  • Field steam generator linings

Insulfrax LTX Blanket, is a low bio-persistent product which is utilized in Insulfrax 1100C Modules, and is based on a calcium, magnesium, silicate chemistry to provide thermal insulation at recommended operating temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F ); Insulfrax products also meet European regulatory requirements (Directive 97/69/EC).


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Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 1100C Module

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Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® Modules for Glass Furnaces

Insulfrax® Anchor-Loc® Modules for Ceramics and Glass applications including thermal insulation lining for covers and kiln car.


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