Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 1100C Module

Insulfrax® Anchor-Loc® 1100C Modules are a family of high-temperature module products based on Unifrax’s Anchor-Loc® attachment systems. Modules used in the Anchor-Loc® systems are constructed with Insulfrax S Blanket. Each type of Insulfrax 1100C Module can be easily fastened to interior steel shells of all types of heat processing equipment with several different attachment systems.

Typical Applications:

  • Annealing furnace linings
  • Slow cool covers for slabs and ingots
  • Process heater linings
  • Aluminum homogenizing furnace linings
  • Aluminum ladle covers
  • Personnel heat shields
  • Heat treating furnace linings
  • Flue stack and duct linings
  • Field steam generator linings

Insulfrax S Blanket, is a low bio-persistent product which is utilized in Insulfrax 1100C Modules, and is based on a calcium, magnesium, silicate chemistry to provide thermal insulation at recommended operating temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F ); Insulfrax products also meet European regulatory requirements (Directive 97/69/EC).


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Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 1100C Module

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Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® Modules for Glass Furnaces

Insulfrax® Anchor-Loc® Modules for Ceramics and Glass applications including thermal insulation lining for covers and kiln car.


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