Insulfrax® Anchor‑Loc® 2 1100C Module

Insulfrax® Anchor-Loc® 2 1100°C modules extend the successful performance of standard Anchor-Loc folded modules to a product form featuring laminated Insulfrax® LT low biopersistent (LBP) blanket construction. This product combines advancements in fiber chemistry, manufacturing technology, and attachment hardware design to provide an economical lining system for a wide range of heat processing vessels.

The Fibermass® manufacturing technique used to fabricate Anchor-Loc 2 1100°C modules bonds layers of Insulfrax LT blanket into a strong pliable fiber block. Spun Insulfrax LT blankets which feature high tensile strength for improved resistance to mechanical abuse, vibration, and gas velocity are used in the construction of Insulfrax Anchor-Loc 2 1100°C modules.


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