Insulfrax® Bonded 1100C Module

Insulfrax® Bonded 1100C Modules provide the benefits of Insulfrax fiber in new construction or the upgrade of existing refractory for a wide range of heat processing equipment. The Bonded 1100C Modules can be installed as a hot face veneer over existing refractory, or with the Hefty-Loc hardware as a full thickness lining.

Manufacture of Insulfrax Bonded 1100C Modules is based on Insulfrax LT Blanket, a high-strength spun fiber blanket. This blanket is folded, then tightly compressed and banded to form the Bonded LT block. These bonded modules are offered in two standard densities and a range of thicknesses to provide peak performance in applications operating up to 1100°C (2012°F).


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Insulfrax® Bonded 1100C Module

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