Isofoam Fiber (2300°F Low Bio‑persistent Fiber)

Isofoam Fiber utilizes Isofrax® low bio-persistent 2300° Fiber in the Foamfrax installation process combining the alkaline earth silicate (AES) fibers with the inorganic and organic binders in a patented mixing mechanism. Within the mixing chamber, the fibers and binders are combined to create a homogeneous foam/fiber mixture. The Foamfrax installation machinery propels this mixture through a feed hose and nozzle, and the material is then gunned onto the target surface. The proprietary Foamfrax binder system and patented installation method completely encapsulate the fibers with the foaming binder, significantly reducing airborne fiber levels during installation.

Typical applications:

  • Furnace linings (reformers, boilers, kilns, heat treating furnaces, etc.)
  • Vessel Linings
  • Incinerators, Flues, Ducts and Stacks
  • Furnace refractory upgrades
    • Lining over Refractory (LOR)
    • Fiber over Fiber (FOF)
  • Low mass kiln car decks
  • Ladle preheat stands
  • Backup for high-density gunned refractories
  • Boiler tube wall insulation
  • Furnace lining maintenance (gunning gaps, cracks and voids)
  • Fire protection


Safety Data Sheets

Isofoam Fiber (2300°F Low Bio‑persistent Fiber)

Product Information Sheet

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