Isofrax® 1260C Fiber

Isofrax® 1260C Fiber is a revolutionary low bio-persistent fiber that utilizes a unique, patented silica-magnesia chemistry to solve a variety of demanding, high-temperature application problems. Isofrax 1260C Fiber is the product of a long-term research and development effort by Unifrax to produce a fiber which has the high-temperature performance characteristics required in many applications at temperatures up to 1260°C (2300°F) and also meets European and German regulatory requirements.

Isofrax 1260C Fibers provide:

  • High-temperature stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low heat storage
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Low weight

Isofrax 1260C Fiber exhibits excellent chemical stability and resistance to attack from most corrosive agents. Exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalies. Isofrax 1260C Fiber also provides superior wetting resistance to molten aluminum alloys at high temperatures.


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Isofrax® 1260C Fiber

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Isofrax® Moist Pak for Aluminum Production

Isofrax Moist Pak for aluminum production for molten aluminum transfer launder.


Unifrax CPI Brochure

High-temperature solutions for the Chemical Processing Industry from Unifrax.


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