IsoMat® AV5 Support Mat

IsoMat® AV5 offers superior performance at low temperatures and has excellent thermal stability with a continuous use temperature of 750°C (1382°F) average mat temperature (Reference SAE Paper 2007-01-0471). Performance at low temperatures is provided by a structural support matrix of Isofrax® fibers held together by a proprietary binder system, and it is equivalent to typical non-intumescent support mat systems. At elevated temperatures, the fiber matrix support is complemented by vermiculite expansion to absorb additional gap expansion. As a result, the holding force of the system is maintained over a broad range of temperature.

This makes IsoMat AV5 an ideal solution for a wide range of emission control devices, including large diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF), and selective catalyst reduction units (SCR), as well as gasoline oxidation catalysts, including ethanol (flex fuel) underbody converters.

IsoMat AV5 has been designed to provide robust performance without the need for wire mesh ring protection (for erosion) or heat treatment for additional holding force at low temperatures.

Unifrax emission control products and solutions are made to meet the demands of stringent regulations and difficult operating conditions. We offer a variety of mounting mats and insulation materials in three proven fiber chemistries: Polycrystalline Wool (PCW), Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and Alkaline Earh Silicate (AES). Our strong focus on product development, manufacturing efficiencies and sophisticated quality control programs positions Unifrax to be your preferred resource for innovative solutions for emission control applications in worldwide markets.


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IsoMat® AV5 Support Mat

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