Saffil® 1600 Paper

Unifrax 1600 Saffil® Paper products are manufactured from high-purity polycrystalline wool, blended with specially selected organic binders to provide a flexible paper with exceptional characteristics. This high-temperature paper can be exposed to temperatures up to 1600 °C, has excellent chemical resistance and is virtually free of “shot” (unfiberised particles). Advanced production techniques ensure a highly uniform structure enhanced by low thermal conductivity, good handling strength and a smooth surface. 1600 papers are available in a range of thicknesses and roll sizes. Unifrax paper and felt products consist of a group of wet-laid, non-woven materials. The materials are manufactured using Unifrax alumino-silicate fibres wet-laid with a latex binder system to form a randomly oriented matrix. These products are flexible, lightweight, and possess excellent thermal characteristics.


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Saffil® 1600 Paper

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