SiFAB Silicon Fiber Anode Battery Technology by Unifrax

SiFAB silicon fiber anode battery technology from Unifrax is the next wave in battery innovation. The structurally stable advanced Si anode material offers cell makers a drop-in solution that can be optimized for various applications. It enables space maximization, lighter weight, extended usage between charges, faster charge time, and improved performance.

SiFAB has a unique engineered nanostructure that accommodates swelling. It allows high Si content adoption, enables higher energy density and offers a drop-in solution. This transformational silicon anode material presents numerous opportunities throughout the lithium ion battery ecosystem, with applications spanning personal devices, energy storage, electric vehicles, power tools, and the broader industrial market.

SiFAB represents another addition to our robust electric vehicle and battery solutions portfolio which includes AGM separator materials, large format lithium ion glass separators, interstitial thermal runaway barriers, and battery compartment fire protection systems.

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