Silplate® Mass S Coating

Unifrax engineers have expanded the Silplate® product portfolio by introducing a series of mastic coatings based on the Silplate technology. Silplate Mass S Coating combines low bio-persistent (LBP) fibers, refractory oxides and Polycrystalline wool fibers with an inorganic binder system to create a wet mix. Based on its composition, Silplate Mass S is an “unclassified” material that can be applied as a hot face lining over brick, castable or edge grained fiber linings.

Once dried, this mastic provides a hard, tough armor-like shell over the surface of the substrate material. The cured Silplate Mass S surface is highly
resistant to flame impingement and flue gas velocities common in industrial furnaces and kilns. At high temperatures (>1300°C / 2372°F) Silplate Mass S forms magnesium silicate, creating a ceramic bond between the fibers and fillers in the material. This bond provides high physical stability to the lining surface and protects the backup material over which it is applied.


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Silplate® Mass S Coating

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