Thermbond® Refractory Solutions

Thermbond Refractory Solutions have reinvented the way that refractories are used and changed the way refractories are viewed. Our products and our process can help you optimize production, manage your risk, and get the very most out of your refractory linings and shapes.


Thermbond Refractory Products are a complete line of engineered refractory materials using the unique patented Thermbond Binder System.  Most Thermbond products utilize the patented Thermbond Binder System, a proprietary two-part system that incorporates a blended dry aggregate and a liquid activator. When mixed, the parts form a unique, “ionically bonded” refractory, which results in a number of definitive advantages.


Thermblock is the brand name we use to represent our pre-engineered, pre-cast shapes made from Thermbond products. When a Thermblock solution is indicated, we engineer the optimal shape for the application, including material selection, internal support systems, and external attachment systems. We then work with a certified pre-caster to cast the shape to our demanding tolerances and specifications to create an end-product with unparalleled performance. Whether you are looking for the highest impact resistance, the highest abrasion resistance, the highest thermal stability, or any combination of these, there is a Thermblock solution for your application.


Thermbond refractory solutions have been trusted by industry professionals for over 25 years. We provide clear advantages when compared to conventional products, including a significant decrease in downtime, maintenance costs, risk and waste.


We can’t tell you how other companies work with their clients, but we’d like to outline the approach we take at Thermbond… a process we’ve developed over the course of many years in the industry. It’s fair, it’s objective, and it’s the only way we work.  Click to learn more and contact a Thermbond Advisor.  

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