Thermfrax® C‑Cast® FG 23‑102

Thermfrax® C-Cast® FG23-102 is Unifrax Engineered Thermal Component’s (UETC) chemical and abrasion resistant insulation. It uses special additives to enhance the insulation material’s lifespan in environments when alumina-silicate chemistry alone would be rapidly degraded. It is commonly used in secondary combustion chambers, biomass applications, and combustion chamber applications where the quality and purity of the feed stream is in question. C-Cast® FG23-102 also boasts excellent strength and high density. C-Cast® FG23-102 resists thermal shock allowing for faster cycle times. UETC’s vast forming and machining capabilities allow C-Cast® FG23-102 to be made in a variety of shapes, besides standard boards and blocks, and can be tailor made to customer required shapes and specifications. This material is also easily cut and formed using hand-tools.


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Application Story

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds

Thermfrax Vacuum Formed Molds for Exothermic Welding Crucibles. Location: North America.


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