XPE®‑AV4 Advanced Intumescent

XPE®-AV4 is an advanced intumescent with improved low-temperature performance and is designed to function as a mechanical support and exhaust gas seal for ceramic substrates. Support mat durability is critical to assure a robust design for high-efficiency emission control systems. Currently, the market employs a variety of mechanisms to improve cold holding performance and erosion resistance. However, these techniques add cost as well as extra production steps to the system.

XPE-AV4 eliminates these costs by offering improved cold holding at substrate skin temperature below 300°C (572°F), while maintaining high temperature performance above 950°C (1742°F) .

XPE-AV4 also offers excellent erosion resistance and is not affected by gasoline, diesel, water or urea condensates, making it ideal for a wide range of exhaust after treatment systems including low temperatures under body converters or flex-fuel systems.

Unifrax emission control products and solutions are made to meet the demands of stringent regulations and difficult operating conditions. We offer a variety of mounting mats and insulation materials in three proven fiber chemistries: Polycrystalline Wool (PCW), Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES). Our strong focus on product development, manufacturing efficiencies and sophisticated quality control programs positions Unifrax to be your preferred resource for innovative solutions for emission control applications in worldwide markets.


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XPE®‑AV4 Advanced Intumescent

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