Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF). Temperature Grade: 2300°F (1260°C), 2600°F (1430°C).

Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products are manufactured from alumina-silica materials and offer such characteristics as high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance. Fiberfrax ceramic fiber products exhibit thermal stability at temperatures up to 1430°C (2600°F).

The Fiberfrax blanket and mat product family consists of a group of lightweight, thermally efficient ceramic fiber insulating materials that combine the advantages of both low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Offering a broad range of thermal capabilities and physical characteristics, this product family provides proven and effective solutions to a variety of heat processing applications.

Durablanket® ceramic fiber products are high strength, needled insulating blankets that are made from spun Fiberfrax ceramic fibers.  The extra-long spun fibers, cross-locked through a unique forming process, produce a blanket with exceptional handling strength.  This product family is completely inorganic and available in a variety of temperature grades, densities and sizes.

Fibermat® blanket, PH blanket, and Moist Pak-D® insulation provide additional options for specific application requirements ranging from high-temperature filtration to hot gas velocity resistance.

Fibermax® mat is a high-temperature, flexible mat product entirely composed of Fibermax polycrystalline mullite fibers, making it an extremely lightweight, highly resilient insulator that is virtually free of unfiberized (“shot”) particles.



Fiberfrax Duraback blanket is a strong, lightweight, flexible needled blanket intended for use as a cost-effective back-up insulation for Fiberwall® furnace linings. It is recommended for use up to 982°C (1800°F). Duraback blanket can be installed up to four times faster than common block-type back-up insulation and is priced competitively with mineral wool block.

Durablanket® 2600

Fiberfrax Durablanket 2600 insulation extends the high temperature performance of the Durablanket product line. The product is made from high-purity alumina, zirconia, and silica spun ceramic fibers. This chemical composition, manufactured in a unique fiber-making process, imparts Durablanket 2600 insulation with extremely low shrinkage characteristics at elevated temperatures.

Durablanket® HP-S

Fiberfrax Durablanket HP-S insulation is a needled blanket made from spun Fiberfrax ceramic fibers. Durablanket HP-S insulation combines all of the physical characteristics offered by Durablanket S insulation in a product with a high-purity chemistry. The chemistry of Durablanket HP-S provides improved performance and service life in applications where fluxing or chemical attack occurs.

Durablanket® S

Fiberfrax Durablanket S insulation, the flagship of the Durablanket product family, is a strong, lightweight, flexible needled blanket that is made from spun ceramic fibers. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and densities, Durablanket S insulation provides an array of proven solutions for the broadest spectrum of applications.

Fibermat® Blanket

Fiberfrax Fibermat is a lightweight, high strength needled insulating blanket. The blanket fibers are spun from a ceramic composition having a normal use limit of 760°C (1400°F). Fibermat is completely inorganic and derives its exceptional strength from the needling of long ceramic fibers. It has excellent thermal and acoustical insulating properties.

Fibermax Mat

Fibermax® Mat is a high-temperature, flexible mat product that is lightweight and highly resilient. It is composed entirely of Fibermax polycrystalline mullite fibers to produce a product that is high-temperature (1650°C / 3000°F) resistant and virtually shot free. Fibermax Mat contains no organic binders or other additives which cause outgassing fumes or associated problems. In addition to exhibiting excellent resistance to attack from most corrosive agents (exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalies), Fibermax fiber also resists oxidation and reduction.

Moist Pak-D®

Fiberfrax® Moist Pak-D® is a moldable and formable blanket insulation containing an inorganic wet binder. It dries upon firing to a hard shape having a dry density of 12-18 pounds/cubic foot. Moist Pak-D insulation possesses excellent thermal insulating properties and effectively resists hot gas velocities well in excess of 100 feet/second. Moist Pak-D insulation is used primarily as a surface layer over Fiberfrax blanket linings in hot gas erosion applications. It is also used to protect alloy hardware exposed to high temperatures, as a durable insulating cover for exhaust lines, around burner assemblies, and wherever a formable blanket is needed to provide strength and hot gas erosion resistance.

PH Blanket

Fiberfrax® PH Blanket is a unique product that has been specifically designed to provide excellent filtration capabilities in addition to the high chemical stability and low thermal conductivity that is possessed by all Fiberfrax products.

PH Blanket is made from Fiberfrax bulk ceramic fibers in a unique wet felting process which removes unfiberized particles. In addition to the strength and resilience afforded by the interlocking of fibers during the manufacturing process, handling strength is further enhanced by the addition of a small amount of organic binder.

A typical filtration application would involve utilizing PH Blanket as a platinum catalyst recovery filter in nitric acid production. In this application, PH Blanket offers numerous advantages over glass wool products including longer life, 50-60% improved filter efficiency, reduced chance of blowouts and better temperature resistance. Other typical non-filtration applications include high temperature and acoustical insulation.

Refer to the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for recommended work practices and other product safety information.

For additional information on products, properties and performance, typical applications, or to identify the recommended product for your application, see the product information sheet listed above or contact the Unifrax Application Engineering Department at 716-768-6460.