Unifrax Announces Eight Outstanding 2020 Core Values Role Models

May 7, 2020

The Unifrax Core Values Role Model Award recognizes our employees who achieve great results and make others better by living the Core Values and using them to inform their daily work habits. In 2020 we selected eight individuals who stand out from everyone else and are seen as someone who exemplifies all that is great about Unifrax.  Unifrax reintroduced their core values across the global company of 4,000+ employees worldwide in 2018, followed by the introduction of the annual Core Values Role Model awards in 2019.

Earlier in March, John Dandolph, CEO of Unifrax, announced the eight 2020 Core Values Role Model award winners to the company.  “We had another fantastic turnout with over 60 nominations being submitted. I always enjoy hearing how so many of our Unifrax employees live the Core Values. When we demonstrate them in our day to day work lives, I believe they help us achieve greater results; the stories and examples shared were inspirational.” said Dandolph.  The nominations are submitted by Unifrax peers from across the world.

Congratulations to the 2020 Unifrax Core Value Role Models, to all the finalists and to every nominee.

The 2020 Unifrax Core Value Role Models include:

Vera Brozkova, Payroll Specialist in Teplice

Chen Yu, Industrial Engineer in China

Lee Parkinson, Production Manager in Derby,UK

Lisa Jones, Global Channel Management Director

Andrew Blake, Tonawanda Plant Manager

Bruce Zoitos, CHQ Material Research Manager

Bob Warmus, Process Specialist in Tonawanda

Himangshu Barman, Lakhtar Plant Manager in India

The Nine Unifrax Core Values
Workplace and Product Safety – Our #1 Priority
Ethics – We always do things the right way. No compromises.
People – We value and respect every employee and strive to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
Meet our Commitments – We deliver on our promises to Employees, Customers, and our Investors. We set challenging goals and overcome obstacles to achieve results.
Customer Focus – We value long term relationships and put the customer’s perspective at the center of our discussions and decisions.
Innovation – We develop new and improved products that create value for our customers.
Continuous Improvement – We reduce waste, cost and complexity.
Teamwork – We collaborate globally to maximize results.
Speed and Agility – We quickly respond to opportunities and challenges.

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