Unifrax Launches New Isofrax® 1400 Thermal Insulation

September 26, 2017

Unifrax launched their latest low bio-persistent thermal insulation today:  Isofrax® 1400 blanket and modules. Isofrax 1400 is globally available from Unifrax in both blanket and module product forms. Isofrax 1400 Blanket and Isofrax 1400 Modules are both manufactured using enhanced fiberization techniques combined with new proprietary processing technology to provide customers with improved thermal and physical characteristics. This innovative technology allows Isofrax 1400 to perform at higher temperatures than LBP fibers currently available in the market.

Isofrax 1400 products are the latest innovation derived from the high temperature LBP technology first introduced by Unifrax 18 years ago and will continue to provide excellent thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and low heat storage, as well as ease of cutting and fabrication in the worldwide ferrous/non-ferrous metals, chemical processing and ceramics industries. In addition to higher temperature resistance, Isofrax 1400 fiber has high solubility in simulated body fluids and hence carries no hazard classification, meeting stringent European regulatory requirements. Isofrax 1400 fiber are exonerated from classification as hazardous (tested according to Note Q Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008).

“Responding to our customers’ needs, Isofrax products are the result of ongoing research and development efforts to produce a unique fiber that combines low bio-persistence with high temperature performance. We’ve improved the physical characteristics of our proven LBP technology; Isofrax 1400 is now better suited for those applications which demand good strength in demanding high temperature applications,” explained the Unifrax spokesman and Product Manager in Europe.

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