Unifrax Launches Next‑Generation Insulfrax® LTX Products

February 1, 2018

Unifrax I LLC today unveiled its next-generation Insulfrax® LTX Products with enhanced physical properties to improve both thermal performance and product handling. These lightweight needled blankets combine innovative proprietary technology with Insulfrax proven performance to create the best low-biopersistent Insulfrax blanket available from Unifrax today. Insulfrax LTX blankets outperform both Insulfrax LT and S blankets in a variety of thermal management industrial applications.

The new Insulfrax LTX products help customers reduce costs. The enhanced LTX fibre performance helps companies reduce their energy costs and meet increasingly strict carbon emission targets, without increasing the amount of insulation required. Alternatively, customers can save on material costs by using less insulation to achieve the same performance as standard AES blankets. Customers can save money by reducing their lining thickness up to 25%, freeing up valuable space in furnaces and ovens.

Insulfrax LTX Blankets are inorganic and binder-free with less dust and have a noticeable improved surface finish. The blanket is easier to handle and cut resulting in faster installation, with less skin irritation and reduced waste of material. The blankets are also printed for easier identification of material and installation tracking on the job.

Unifrax innovation and manufacturing expertise are at the heart of these next-generation thermal insulation products. First introduced in 1992, the Insulfrax brand is recognized worldwide for helping companies radically reduce their energy costs and reduce pollution.

“Unifrax is very excited to launch this next level of quality to our customers using Insulfrax blankets. This superior new product has been designed to offer significantly lower thermal conductivity than our current Insulfrax S blanket product, and as much as 20% lower when compared to other “standard” insulation wools,” explained Phillip Armstrong, Product Manager at Unifrax Rainford in the UK. “This is the best Insulfrax blanket we make today and is a game-changer for us. Insulfrax LTX is designed to exceed our customers’ expectations around the world with an unparalleled product offering. This latest Insulfrax technology comes on the heels of our Isofrax® 1400 introduction last September, our other high-temperature low-biopersistent brand of products, and clearly places Unifrax as a worldwide leader in high temperature thermal management products,” said Armstrong.

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